Astrology and the Elements

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As any good wizard will tell you, there are five elements:  fire, earth, water, air, and spirit.  Fire and water naturally oppose each other, as do air and earth, while spirit opposes itself.  Moreover, as the druids explain, there are positive and negative manifestations of all things, including the elements, themselves.  The positive aspect of an element is the active, assertive side of the element, the way the element makes its impact on the world at large.  The negative aspect is the receptive, passive side of the element, the way the element is acted upon by the world.

 Taking these two factors into consideration; it becomes clear that there must be ten element-manifestation combinations thus there are ten astrological signs in Astlan.  Each has an element and embodies either the positive or the negative manifestation of its particular element.

 "Of course there are ten signs," the wizards reiterate.  "Five elements plus three oppositions (fire-water, air-earth, spirit-spirit) plus two manifestations of each element equals ten."  They continue, "ideally, there would be a prime number of signs, but ten is the sum of three primes and is a pyramid number, since 10 = 1+2+3+4."

The Astrological Signs of the Astlanian Calendar

Name of the Sign

Elemental Icon

Traditional Symbol

Element and Polarity


The Volcano

The Phoenix

Positive Fire


The Cavern

The Rockworm

Negative Earth


The Wave

The Hydra

Positive Water


The Fog

The Manticore

Negative Air


The Angel

The Titan

Positive Spirit


The Waterfall

The Remora

Negative Water


The Tornado

The Gryphon

Positive Air


The Lightning Bolt

The Demon Steed

Negative Fire


The Mountain

The Gargoyle

Positive Earth


The Shadow

The Wraith

Negative Spirit


Description of the Astrological Signs

Infernos -- Hotheaded, outgoing, boisterous, talented, tireless, eloquent, irritable, and mostly combustible:  these are the watchwords of the sign of The Phoenix people.  Many are skilled artisans due more to pure talent than inspiration of design.  Because they often get into scrapes, Infernos individuals frequently have to start over several times in life, but like the legendary phoenix, they always rebound.

Chrysos --  Chrysos influences people in a much more subtle way than its positive earthen counterpart, Paleos.  Negative earth people are generally calm, unassuming individuals with a knack for using patience to achieve the impossible.  Rockworm people are imminently trustworthy, reliable, and honest, or at least maintain such a reputation.

Hydros -- Positive water's influence makes Hydros individuals skillful entertainers, storytellers, swindlers, salesmen, and public figures.  Many of Astlan's most famous bards, dancers, crooks, and monarchs were born under the sign of The Hydra.  In the same way that the hydra has many heads, Hydros people can hold many opinions and morals at once and can flow like water to apply the one most appropriate at a given moment.

Vacuos -- This is the sign of the wise cleric, the ancient druid, the solitary sage, the individual who knows much but says little.  If there is a secret to be discovered, a riddle to be solved, or a code to be broken, a person born under the sign of The Manticore can handle the conundrum quite adroitly.

Animos -- This is the most extreme of all the signs.  Those under the influence of The Titan seem to do everything by sheer willpower and have a talent for inspiring others to do the same.  Animos people often overestimate their capabilities, but still accomplish what they set out to do, again through force of will.

Fluos -- Just like their symbol, the Remora, these people frequently intend to help others, but are often misunderstood.  Not as extreme as their Hydros counterparts, Waterfall individuals take a more balanced approach to life.  They make excellent sorcerors and seers and seem to know almost as much as Vacuos people.  Fluos individuals usually specialize in one profession and rise to the tops of their fields due to their calm, patient natures.

Arios -- Where Vacuos works in a subtle manner, Arios takes a more dynamic approach.  The Gryphon seeks knowledge frenetically and many adventuring sages, spell-seeking wizards, and fanatical clerics fill the Arios roster.  Ironically, Arios people strive to stamp out ignorance and backward thinking, while they, themselves, are usually quite opinionated.

Moltos -- Moltos is the negative fire, the flame that burns slowly, that tempers, that warms.  People born under this influence make excellent healers, artisans, and chroniclers.  They are usually generous (though some are more generous with other people's things than with their own) and they are forgiving (sometimes forgiving their own faults too readily).

Paleos -- Paleos people make excellent mercenaries, workers, and friends.  They are rugged individuals and many enjoy strong ale and ribald stories.  Slow to anger, but even slower to forgive, those born under the influence of The Gargoyle are steadfast allies and relentless enemies.

Necros -- These are quiet, intelligent, untiring people who usually mind their own business and expect others to do the same.  They are often misunderstood, as is their sign:  negative spirit is a necessary part of the cycle, but unenlightened souls see Necros only as the death sign.

Reading the Signs

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