Map of Astlan

The Council is proud to announce brand new maps have been commissioned from the hand of Sophrelon D'Artelon, a sage of legendary cartographic skill.  Sophrelon is one of only 3 sages in the world approved for delineating Oorstemothian borders, who is not a member of the Oorstemothian government.

In Astlan the most common unit of distance is the "league"  which is the distance an adult human can walk  in one hour at a brisk pace.  Each described region (other than Oorstemoth, for legal reasons) has a grid overlay demarking it's territory.  The distance horizontally/vertically between these lines is a Triday, or the distance a human can travel via a brisk walk, with camping/sleeping time in 3 days (about 10 hours/day, a half day).  The Triday is also the distance a magic carpet travelling at comfortable cruising speeds (due to wind resistance upon passengers) can travel in a full day (10 hours with rest stops/camping).  Typically, on a trail a horse can cover a Triday in 2 days (with rest and sleep).

Please note that all representations of Oorstemoth are approximate.  These representations have been approved by the Oorstemothian government.  Approval records are on file with the webmaster.

Click on this map to see details of each region:

Image Map

Independent States

There are numerous independent smaller states, consisting for example, of a single city or hold and surrounding land.  These independent states owe no fealty or allegiance to larger realms or individuals. Their independence depends solely on their military strength, political skill or possibly their geographical location

In particular, the northern coast of Norelon has numerous independent cities and holds.  These include:

Select Independent Holdings and Cities
Name Location Ruler
Hearth Reach North Coast Norelon Baron Heartkin
Milkwyn's Point North Coast Norelon Count Milkwyn
City of Tredwell North Coast Norelon Mayor Andaluv
City of Bayhome North Coast Norelon Guild Council
Village of Bistooth North Coast Norelon Elder Norias
Village of Pointwell North Coast Norelon Council of Elders
City of Tempes North Coast Norelon Lord Vandros
Seerwell North Coast Norelon Norelon Seer's Guild
Antefalken's Reach North Coast Norelon Unknown/Uninhabited
Village of Plainedge Southern Abancia Council of Elders



Full Scale Map of Astlan

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