The Hybrid Races

There are many races that are hybrids of the races we see today.  Satyrs and Centaurs are perhaps the most well known examples of these races.  The origins of these races are topics of heated debate within scholarly circles.  Their very hybrid nature argues that they are of the earlier era, when the gods created the races through shear force of magic.  See the Sidhe for additional discussion on this.

However, many of these races, Centaurs in particular, do not seem to be overtly magical, certainly no more so than any humans or dwarves.  Satyrs are another example, they seem to be older more mature fauns, and you often see fauns and satyrs together. However, in many circles, the fauns are tied to the Sidhe, much like the dryads and nymphs.  If satyrs are simply, older, larger fauns then they too should be tied to the Sidhe.  However, what limited reports we have imply that satyrs pay no allegiance or fealty to the Alvar.  They have their own satyr god they worship in ceremonies not unlike those of the druids.

It is clear however, that like fauns, satyrs do seem to have insatiable lusts and much of their druidic magic is of an overtly sexual nature.  Certain heretical branches of thought argue there may be some connection between satyrs and unicorns, since both races practice druidical style magic often involving sexuality. 

Centaurs on the other hand, are even less magical than satyrs and normally engage in traditional occupations such as being warriors, tradesmen or farmers.

Officially all of the hybrid races are considered part of the body politic, given that they are known to be sentient and social within their own races.  That being said, not all of these races are truly social with other races.  Some engage with the rest of the races, others do not.  In particular a number of the variant hybrid races do not typically engage with the rest of the body politic.

Homo Centaurai, Alvar Centaurai, Centyri, Hircum Satyrs, and Minotaur Boariai are the only races that known to commonly engage in commerce with the rest of the body politic. 

The most commonly "known" hybrid races (as opposed to Sigh hybrids) encountered in the body politic are:

  • Centaurs
    • Homo Centaurus: Human upper torso with horse lower torso
    • Alvar Centaurus: Elf upper torso with horse lower torso
    • Centyr: Upper torso of a human, two lower legs similar to a horse's rear legs, horses tail
    • Hippocentaurus: Head of a horse body of a human.
    • Hipocentyrus: Head of a horse, torso of a human, legs and tail of a horse.
  • Satyrs
    • Hircum Satyrs: Human upper torso, lower legs of a goat.
    • Capra Satyrs (Capryrs): Goat head, human torso, may have goat legs or human legs.
    • Centyr:  Currently considered a member of the Centaur family, they are some times alternately considered a relative of the Satyr.
  • Minotaur
    • Minotaur Bubulus: Head of a Bull, torso of a human, human legs. Females typically have breasts.
    • Minotaur Bovilus: Head of a Bull, torso of a human, legs of a bull.  Females typically have udders.
    • Minotaur Boarius (commonly called Bulltaur): Head and upper torso of a human, lower torso of a bull.  Similar to homo centaurs but with a bull's body rather than a horse's body.
  • Mer
    • Multiple subspecies based on different forms of fish.  All human upper torso, lower fish torso. 
    • Multiple subspecies based on different forms of fish, Gleg'ren upper torso, lower fish torso.
  • Ophidians
    • Gorgon: Human body, snakes for hair; very ugly, turn viewers to stone.
    • Ophidian Naga:  Head and upper torso of a human, lower body of a serpent. No stoning power.
    • Naga: A serpent with a human head.  Mesmerizing eyes, hypnosis, no stoning.
    • Hydran: Head of a serpent, human torso and legs. No stoning.
  • Sphinx
    • Leonis: Head of a human, body of a lion.
    • Pardus: Head of a human, body of a panther.
    • Tigris: Head of a human, body of a tiger.

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