Mana wielders (and animus wielders) are specially trained (or talented) people who are able to tap into mana and use it to do physical things. Different types of mana wielders access mana in different ways. All mana wielders are able to accumulate and contain larger levels of mana than normal people due to their training and ability. 
Wizards: Wizards tap directly into the raw elemental mana of the universe. They draw the mana directly from the elements and their surroundings and use it for their own purposes. Different specialists are more easily able to tap mana from different elements. (Necromancers are sometimes an exception.) Wizards manipulate mana through the use of spells. Spells are pattern frameworks to contain, direct and control the flow and processing of mana. With the exceptions of conjurors and necromancers, wizards deal very little with animus itself, generally dealing only with mana.

Clerics: Clerics are mana wielders that do not draw their mana directly from nature at all. Rather, clerics tap into the vast streams of mana being channeled to their gods. The ordination process for a priest is the ceremony in which they are attuned to the mana stream flowing to their deity, and the deity allows them to utilize this power to perform "miracles" in their name. Thus clerics are actually using mana that is already "processed" by living beings (this type of mana is sometimes referred to as spirit mana, not to be confused with the Element Spirit). Clerics generally only deal with animus in the highly organized state. With living spirit entities as a whole, and not with the smaller details that animages and animistic druids do.

Druids: Druids are similar to clerics in that they normally use processed mana, but rather than draw their mana from worshippers, they typically draw their mana from the plants and animals around them. There are three types of druids, Hermetic, Shamanistic and Animistic. The different classifications are based upon the methods they use to channel mana. Druids generally use the excess mana that is naturally radiated away by living creatures. The principle exception being the sacrificial ceremonies performed by hermetic druids, where they take both animus and mana.. Further, some druids are also capable of using raw elemental mana like a wizard, but do this less often as it is more taxing and difficult for them. Like Animages druids also tend to work with animus a great deal. Animistic druids deal with animus in a manner similar to animages, hermetic druids deal with it more like wizards do (or don't), and shamanistic druids treat it in ways not unlike the cleric. 

 Animages tend to defy easy classification. They are actually quite different then the other mana wielders. In some ways one might consider the animage to be the purest form of mana and animus wielder. Animages make use of animus directly. They generally use the natural affinity of animus to animus to link their animus to that of others. This linking is what allows animages to read minds and do similar mental tricks. Other animages use animus to manipulate mana directly, without the use of spells. Since Animages use mana through the manipulation of animus, they can manipulate the various elemental forces. 

Necromancers: Technically speaking a necromancer is just another type of wizard, and they do function that way. However, in addition, the very nature of the necromancer is such that they also utilize "spirit mana" and are in contact with animus quite often. Often times necromancers "harvest" mana from unwilling victims for their own purposes (as do "evil clerics") They often use fear and other emotions to help them collect mana from others. Because they understand the effect of emotions and how they help to radiate mana, necromancers often try very hard to control their emotions, and thus often come off as being cold. Necromancers by definition are specialists in reanimating things that have died and chaining spirits to the earth in mana bodies or otherwise. Most creatures such as liches were once necromancers who decided they didn't want to leave and thus cast great spells and collected a lot of mana from others just for this purpose.

Conjurers: Conjurers are wizards and they do use mana like any other wizard, the reason they deserve special mention is because what they do with this mana is different. Conjurers exploit the natural affinity for animus and mana. They use mana to contact and summon specific concentrations of animus (e.g., spirit type beings, demons, ghosts, etc.) Normally Animus attracts mana, in this case conjurers use mana to attract or pull animus.

Bards:  While not normally consider spell weavers, legend dictates that some bards can use the power of music and song to cast spells.  This is an alternate form of wizardry that is not well advertised.  There are very few such bards and schools for them are rare, but they do exist.

Others:   Certain foreign individuals with skills in the martial arts seem to be able to perform magical or nearly magical feats.  These feats are generally forms of animastery similar to the work of some animages.

Journeyman Thaumaturge Jenn Rean of Lenamare's Academy of Wizardry

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